Fat Cards are being Sent Out!

March 29, 2010


Thank you to those who have applied and have been patient with us. We really appreciate it.
We’ve had an astounding amount of applications over the past 2 weeks and they are still coming in at an incredible rate. To cater to the demand, the team at Fat Kids have been working over time to get these cards packed, sealed and delivered to you as soon as possible so that you can enjoy all the benefits from our retail partners Australia/NZ wide. We’ve finally packed and stuck all stamps on your Fat Card package so all we need to do now is write your address down and off it goes! woo hooo! Stay tuned for more updates.
Hit the jump to see our work in progress.

One Response to Fat Cards are being Sent Out!

  1. Dougy says:

    Shit yeah man, mine arrived today.
    so stoked, thanks Fat Kids!

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