Famicom Business Card Holder

March 19, 2010


Now this is just the card holder i was looking for. Taking inspiration from the Nintendo Famicoms in the 80s, this business card holder will definitely make you the coolest kid on the block. What more can i say about this creation. Hit the jump to check out the alternate version. 2 thumbs up from Fat Kids.

3 Responses to Famicom Business Card Holder

  1. J0rdz says:

    where the hell can i get one of these?
    you guys seriously need to start posting links to suppliers/outlets – its extremely annoying when all you do is post pictures :(

  2. shigga says:

    DOPE!!! ¥ 2,490.00 = $30 AUD

    Should be able to get it for less than $50 AUD including shipping :)

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