Buffet Photo’s… Late… Just how you like it…

March 23, 2010


OK… we had a few a hiccups with the pictorials… but we got there in the end… a few weeks late. Buffet was really dope! Mad props to the crew at Acclaim. Hit the jump for more visuals and a rundown of the day.

For those not in the know… Buffet is Australia’s first weekend event dedicated to Streetwear, Sneakers, Design, Conemporary Style and Culture. Buffet featured many dope product exclusives from 9five Eyewear, Aiaiai, Akomplice, B.Bot Defence Systems, BK TM (Blank), Cakedout, Coal Headwear, CTRL, Deep Surface, Dissizit, Estate LA, Feiyue, For The Homies, Frank 151, Gear, Grand Scheme, G-Shock, Herschel, In4Mation, Incase, Kangol, King Stampede, Know1edge, Lower, Mishka, New Era, Norse Projects, Ones, Orisue, Quiet Riot, Rocksmith, Staple Clothing, Skull Candy, SUP, The Seventh Letter, Triumvir, True To Life, UNDFTD, Upper Playground, WESC & Zion Rising.

We were also lucky enough to hear words of wisdom from some of the creative industries key players…Rafael Rashid aka Raph Boogie (Blank TM)
Nick Denton (Freshin/2nd Family Distribution), Jimmy Bligs (Grand Scheme/Triple Beam Distribution), Steele Saunders (Spire Distribution/Sure), jeffstaple (Staple Design/ Reed Space/STP1 & Staple Clothing – he is pretty dope on the 1′s & 2′s too), Simon Wood aka Woody (Sneaker Freaker), Jake Pyne (Lower), Frank Liew (Qubic/Quarters Boutique), Caine Cherubin (The Heist/Orange Giant Agency), Jacky Chia (SUP), Kym Purtell (FAT)
Luca Ionescu (Like Minded Studio), Chey Ataria (ABC Clothing), Trevor Choy (Choy Lawyers)

Photo’s by the infamous Dreaded Cat…

Rafael Rashid aka Raph Boogie – Blank TM
Nick Denton- Freshin/ 2nd Family Distribution
Jimmy Bligs- Grand Scheme/ Triple Beam Distribution
Steele Saunders- Spire Distribution/ Sure
jeffstaple- Staple Design/ Reed Space/ STP1 & Staple Clothing (NYC)
Simon Wood aka Woody- Sneaker Freaker
Jake Pyne- Lower (NZ)
Frank Liew- Qubic/ Quarters Boutique (NZ)
Caine Cherubin- The Heist/Orange Giant Agency
Jacky Chia- SUP (Singapore)
Kym Purtell- FAT (Melbourne)
Luca Ionescu- Like Minded Studio
Chey Ataria- ABC Clothing
Trevor Choy- Choy LawyersRafael Rashid aka Raph Boogie – Blank TMNick Denton- Freshin/ 2nd Family Distributio

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