Who want’s a free Fat Kids tattoo?

February 15, 2010

val tatt

Last year we had a heap of response for peeps wanting to get Fat Kids Tattoos… well the opportunity has struck again. Our boy Stu is laying down some ink on 12th March… as usual, whoever drops the best comment gets stamped son!



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6 Responses to Who want’s a free Fat Kids tattoo?

  1. scott iskov says:

    hmmm? should i put my number or yours with a smile

  2. kasia says:

    firstly tell me whether its a drumstick or a donut chef… then promise me you won’t leave me when we have fat kids… or when my dad comes at me with the cheese-grater…

  3. Billy Tea says:

    It’ll surprise everyone I know, and scare my grandma…
    I can’t see it happening.

  4. Devist8 says:

    Yo, you claim to be FAT, but you dont carry FAT sizes? come on people, FAT means 5xL up! then only will I buy some gear dudes & dudettes! FAT size = FAT buys!

  5. inkdchick says:

    And where will he be doing this? this is something im interested in

  6. A sweet hotel room… hahahaha… tidy/safe/hygienic measures are taken

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