Parlayin’ with Mickey Factz

February 15, 2010


How are you Mickey?

I’m fine. Enjoying life and embracing the future.

What did you get up to today or what is on the agenda for the rest of the day?

Well as of now, I’m in New Orleans doing promo for my show out here. As well as enjoying the festivities of the new NFL world champions, the New Orleans Saints.

What are some of your favorite artists at the moment? and why?

At the moment I’m enjoying Janelle Monae, Sia, Phoenix, Jay Electronica, Chester French and Little Dragon. Their music has just been uplifting and inspiring to me. It’s on a whole other level of creativity.

Tell us a bit about the new project/mixtape ‘thedarkphoenix#ALPHA’? (we have been bumping it on the regular in the Fat Kids HQ)

Well this project was dear to me to release. A lot of the material came from a place where I was feeling alone and creative. I had a lot of time on my hands, while zoning to some of my favorite artists I listed previously. I felt it was necessary to give my interpretation of each song. Kind of like an ode to the artist.


Tell me a little about the GFCnewyork movement?

GFCnewyork is a Artist/Brand Management & Marketing company that I co-own.  We’ve slowly but steadily become a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

I imagine you have started recording your album…have you decided on any features at this point in time? If so can you leak any news?

I’ve been recording my album my whole life. There are artists/producers I’ve worked with and those we’ve yet to get in with. Everything isn’t concrete until we send it out to the masses.  So I won’t leak any news as of yet. Sorry bro, haha.

Your shows must get pretty messy/wild sometimes… what was the craziest thing to go down on tour?

Me stage diving in Japan. First time stage diving. I jumped in the air like a swan. After being put down, my Y-3 beads were snatched off my neck by a japanese fan. I however got them back.  There were people from the bronx in the crowd, who helped me back upstage. Go figure.


Your ‘Incredible’ instrumental gained quite a buzz last year! How did it feel to have so many dope artists (Tyga, The Mad Rapper, Naledge of Kidz N The Hall and Curren$y to name a few) jump on the beat?

It was a great accomplishment. A lot of the artists to go over the beat were friends, so that was dope for me to see them try and top my original song. Key word: Try. Haha

Fat Kids are pretty obsessed with the sneaker culture, so i have to ask this… what is your favourite sneaker at the moment?

I’ve been wearing a lot of boots as of late.  But you can never go wrong with Y-3, Puma, or Supra.

If you were a 70′s porn star… what would your alias be (name)?

Dickey Factz. Haha


What are some of the things fans don’t know about Mickey Factz?

I’m an amazing cook. I can chef with the best of them. Its a passion of mine.

If you had a super power what would it be?

Either invincibility or flying. I feel flying is something we can do. Hopefully it will come true one day.

What was your first job?

My first job was for the Daily News. I was a paper boy for my neighborhood.

Why did you like it/hate it?

I delivered Newspapers at 5 am every morning. Gave me responsibility. The pay sucked though. 40 dollars a week. Smh

What is you favourite Youtube video at the moment?

Gotta love Lindsay.

Are you planning any shows in Australia anytime soon?

I would love to go down under and meet some of my australian fans. Drink a Fosters and find out if a kangaroo’s pouch is really slimy as they say!

What’s coming up on the horizon for Mickey Factz?

Greatness. Alpha. Success. Grammy.

Last words…?

If your breathing, thank you for partaking in my art. Whether knowingly or unknowingly. Fin.

Make sure you download the new Mickey Factz Mixtape: thedarkphoenix#ALPHA mixtape.

Dark Phoenix

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