Flat Out Teaser

February 17, 2010

4 men.
4 bikes.
Sydney to Melbourne.

This is an amazing documentary shot in our own backyard.
Hit the jump for more info.

“With the monumental landscapes of Australia as the backdrop, a country and continent all in one that has some of the most diverse wildlife and landscapes on the planet, this challenging and hill ridden terrain proved the perfect situation to film a documentary. The riders were captured having to conquer their own inner demons to complete the journey within the ten days. Cycling an average 8 hours a day getting from one destination to the next, this experience allowed all of them to take stock and reflect, traveling on a more spiritual and inward journey. Each rider’s story being expressed individually using words, photos; drawings, music and a personal diary filmed on super 8 films. This will result in a film and book capturing the journey and experience from start to finish available later this year.

The question is… did they make it?
FLAT OUT is made up of individuals who share a common interest in riding Track bikes.”

Producers / Founders:
Ian White & Patrick Seabase

Manager & Photographer:
Ian White / UK – Switzerland / Artist / Illustrator / Designer / Creative consultant

Renaud Skyronka / France / Movie Maker / Track Bike Enthusiast

Patrick Seabase / Switzerland / Fixed gear Switzerland / Gorilla Bicycles / Bicycle Film Festival
Pierre Emm aka Le Lama / France / Art Professor at the High school of Fine Arts Paris / Polo Player / Free Rider:
Henrik “Artoo” Kuerschner / Germany / CTRS member / Creative
Andrea Schilirò / Italy / Artist / Photographer / Athlete

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