Breakestra & JROCC Ticket Giveaway!

February 2, 2010


Yes yes ya’ll… the all famous Breakestra and Jrocc will be bringing it to ya live this Friday at the Corner Hotel and the kind people at Niche Productions are giving away a double pass to one lucky Fat Kids reader. All you need to do is leave us a comment about why you want the double pass and finish it with Fat Kids are…
GOOD LUCK everyone! Comment away…
Give away ends Friday 12pm EST.

…and the WINNER is…..

You just scored yourself a double pass to Breakestra and Jrocc tonight!!!
Please hit us up asap to redeem your tickets.

5 Responses to Breakestra & JROCC Ticket Giveaway!

  1. Matt Johnson says:

    I’d like this double pass for the following reasons:

    1a) I’d really like to see Breakestra
    1b) I’d really like to see JROCC
    2) I’d really like to see Breakestra and JROCC
    3) I’m currently studying for an exam. Neither Breakestra nor JROCC are examinable topics, however, I feel experiencing them in concert would improve my final mark 8-12%
    4) It’s at The Corner (I wish I could give you this feeling, I wish I could give you this feeling). I love The Corner!
    5) The Fat Kids are..

    leading the league in at least six statistical categories

  2. ShaunyB says:

    I would rather be rocking out at the corner than having to work at the corner because I know The Fat Kids are going to hook a brother up!

  3. Jay Rinsky says:

    J-Roc and Breakestra will shake the obesity out of me! And the Fat Kids were always the one the look out for my weight :)

  4. Matt Johnson says:

    This is tremendous. I <3 the Fat Kids.

    How can I get the tickets off you guys?

    Do you want my mobile number?

  5. Uncles named Larry says:

    Matt Johnson aka The Chosen One from the Land of the Frozen Sun

    Please let me know when you receive your tickets, we meet up to talk sh*t, play lotto, and buy German beers.


    Uncle Larry

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