Beef of the Week – Shit Facebook “Friend”

February 10, 2010


Whilst on Facebook, I was reminded that this “friend” is not a friend at all but more a person who requested my friendship on Facebook and rather than decline, I accepted, because if they asked why I didn’t accept I’d have to tell them it was because they were shit.

We worked in a call centre together about 18 months ago and I haven’t seen her since.  She made the request and now I’m updated with all her aspirations, insecurities and that many fucking LOLs that if I saw her again I would bust her nose with the Oxford English Dictionary. What makes it worse is that there were 23 comments made in response to this more-than-obvious post for attention.


After a few obligatory comments, it soon becomes a conversation between my Facebook burden and this trampy red head broad who is eagerly waiting for her “You went to Europe” medal.


PICK UP A GODDAMNED PHONE AND TALK TO EACH OTHER! Sorry ladies, but after reading this far I think you can understand why some guys might think your gender is lame. I know that if I was a girl I’d wish an unwanted pregnancy on Red.


Late comers to the discussion add to the ego stroking. At this stage my “friend” has her bags packed thinking “I’m gonna do this and come back a new, better me. Before I go I’ll just check Facebook to see if my existence has been further validated”.




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2 Responses to Beef of the Week – Shit Facebook “Friend”

  1. Callander says:

    LOL brilliant

  2. Flipp says:

    HAHA – there are so many of these… with young stupid knobheads..
    i hope she goes to europe… she might find its less louvre love… and more Liam Neeson’s ‘Taken’


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