Andrew Montell x Buffet (This Weekend)

February 24, 2010


We recently chopped it up with the man behind Australia’s iconic Acclaim Magazine and Australia’s 1st street lifestyle tradeshow. Andrew is a good friend of mine and the dude is known for producing some of Australia’s most exciting projects within the creative industries.

Hey Andrew, how’s things hombre?


This being the week leading up to Buffet, how are you feeling?

As above, definitely stressed but overall I’m feeling pretty good about things.

What made you decide to put together Buffet?

I’ve always thought that the streetwear industry in our region needed something to stimulate growth and idea sharing. This concept is designed to achieve that.

Tell us a little more about the Buffet concept?

The short story is that the event is split into three core areas. These areas are: the tradeshow, which is similar to most tradeshows in its purpose but unique in the sense that all the labels are street based; The public expo which sees these same labels displaying their ranges direct to the public and in some instances selling direct to the public; lastly we have the discussion forums. These have been designed to cover all the key areas of interest to the street and contemporary fashion industry.

You have some amazing brands co-signing Buffet, what are some of your favourites? and why?

Oh I dunno if I can name favourites, might upset the rest haha. Hmm, I really dig the new Norse range as it’s a bit more “grown man” and more in line with my own style these days. The STP1 range by Jeff Staple appeals for similar reasons but there are items from nearly all of the brands on display that I’d love to own.

Buffet is an obvious positive influence in Australian street culture, what do you hope to achieve after the event?

I’d be happy if there was a measured growth in the industry following each event and from the public side I’d like to see a greater level of understanding and appreciation for where this area of fashion is placed today.

You have some very inspiring streetwear players speaking at the side forums, who are you looking forward to seeing the most?

Jeff Staple. The forums have been designed to work as group discussions so all the speakers are relevant and will be interesting but Jeff is a bit of an international icon so really looking forward to hearing his perspective.

Most people know you as being the mastermind behind Australia’s premier street lifestyle magazine ‘Acclaim’, how is the magazine

Considering the status of the magazine industry in general I think we’re doing very well. I still love it and we’re about to unveil our new look and direction which I’m very excited about.

Street Culture (Art/Fashion/Design) is exploding right now, how do you see the future panning out?

I think that the onus of quality is going to be more heavily applied to people working in this world. Because it really is a worldwide community now it’s much harder for creatives in this world to get away with played-out ideas and sloppy workmanship. I think collaborative projects will continue to be popular and Art, Fashion and Design will continue to be moulded together in interesting ways.

Being a mogul… haha (personal joke), what advice would you give newcomers who are interested setting up their own businesses/projects in the street lifestyle genre?

Think long and hard. Only do this if this is your dream and you’re willing to endure a lot of hardships along the way. This is not a profitable area to get into in Australia for the most part and you will probably have to work harder than your lawyer and doctor friends who will laugh at you from their Mercedes when they pass you in your shitty 94 Commodore with a missing bumper!

Whats coming up on the horizon for Mr Montell?

Hopefully a couple days off before dropping the new issue of ACCLAIM and then onto the next event!

Any last words… plugs… words of wisdom?

Never trust a redhead… haha nah I’m too tired for wisdom!

Buffet is open to the public from 10am – 5pm this Saturday and Sunday. To purchase forum tickets and for more event details go to


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