YAS-875EXW (White) Alto Saxophone

January 29, 2010


As part of the Yamaha Anniversary celebration in the USA, they turned their base model 875EX alto into the YAS-875EXW (W=White) and only 50 units available world wide from April 2010… SNAP!

The white lacquer does not only make the sax look good but gives the tone of the instrument more focus. According to Greg Vail who was given on to try out, he figured that the lacquer coating is thicker than the black lacquer 875EX (true), and by adding lacquer to the inner bell (which has a lot of surface area) it gave the instrument even more focus. Since the lacquer coating changes how the metal vibrates, changing the inner bell to a lacquered finish would certainly have some impact on the tone.

One Response to YAS-875EXW (White) Alto Saxophone

  1. Stanton says:

    I LOVE IT!!!!!

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