January 7, 2010


Akeem: I go to the University …

Lisa: Which one?

Akeem: The University of the United State of America

Lisa: I’ve never heard of it …

Akeem: It’s very small, we don’t even have a basketball team.

Can you guess what movie that is?
No matter how obscure the joke is- UNDRCRWN finds a way to cleverly tie sports, humor and pop culture into its designs.
Made in our Signature Caricature Style, the “In Da Face” sweatshirt is quickly becoming a new cult classic.

Who can forget the first time they saw the “Soul Glo Comercial” or the infamous “Bar Scene” with Akeem and Semmi?
The designs featured on our “In Da Face” sweatshirt effortlessly mesh some of your favorite lines, characters and scenes.
Just look at the details in our caricature drawing!

Tees & sweatshirts are now available for purchase and if ya want 20% off of your purchase, just drop “INDAFACE” at the checkout.
Check the jump for a full look at the release.

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