Redman & Method Man… The Maui Wowie Crusade

January 8, 2010


Sawed-off Shotgun,
Hand on the pump.
Sippin on a 40,
Smokin on a blunt.
Bust my gun,
Red and Meth gettin jumped,

Sawed-off Shotgun, Hand on the pump. Sippin on a 40, Smokin on a blunt. Bust my gun, Red and Meth… hit the jump…

The New Year has definitely come bearing gifts and the FATKIDS cured their NYE hangover with an overdose of REDMAN and METHOD MAN madness this past week. Armed with a full crew, adrenaline pumping and a stack of AWW SHIT! stickers we stormed the ESPY for an amazing show and there was no disappointment.



Did someone bring AWW SHIT! stickers to the party?


This is where it got out of control… there were AWW SHIT stickers everywhere… even Red and Meth got down.



and got up…


and then down again…


Big shouts to all the crew at the Espy for hooking us up on the night…


We did have one casualty on the night… RIP Spleezy’s Crooks & Castles jacket…


So the show came to a close and we all recovered slowly. Not getting enough we embarked on a quest to smoke weed with Redman… Sadly we missed his shift at Off Your Tree, but OYT manager (and fellow Fat Kid) managed to get us this on the job exclusive…


We were pretty bummed and on the brink of depression until… this happened… (AWW SHIT!)


We rounded up the troops and went to the Espy for the DJ Cash Money vs DJ Scratch set and encore ONE VERSE performance by Redman… Oh wait… lets not forget… the EPIC bitch fight out the front (by the way if anyone has video footage pleeeease send it to us) that had the whole venue chanting AWW SHIT!!!



Shout out to Jerim (aka Mr Dna) for keeping the __________ moving to the left had side.


We never ended up smoking weed with Redman… but he left us with some parting advice…

Fuck you too Redman and thanks for the words of wisdom.

Words by: 25th Hoodlum & Mal1k1

Photo’s by: Mal1k1

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