Ragga Muffin 2010 Ticket Giveaways

January 8, 2010


We just announced the lucky winners of the Mayer Hawthorne & Roots Manuva shows… and now it’s time for Fat Kids to play Santa again! It feels like Christmas never ended up in this piece! The good folk at Andrew McManus were kind enough to give us 3 double passes to this epic event!  You know the deal… tell us why having these tickets will change your life… the best 3 comments will be seeing these guys on the 31st January. Competition closes on January 25th… so get in quick!

Giveaway has officially ended.

64 Responses to Ragga Muffin 2010 Ticket Giveaways

  1. Brad says:

    I would make a poem, but I’ll save the embarrassment for myself.

    Seeing Lauryn Hill would see one of my life dreams realised. She has the most beautiful voice, I think that I love her! Unfortunately I can’t afford to buy these tickets as I am going to Europe and saving. Please, please, please pick me!

  2. niCoLe says:

    Raggamuffin is the greatest concert Melbourne could have. I have never been to a music day out before until I went to Raggamuffin last year and it was literally the most fun I have had… I would lovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvve to go again this year and sean kingston is sexxxxxxy

  3. Fatty! says:

    because lady lauren hill makes me wanna do “that thing that thing that thiiiinngg” and i wanna do it at Ragga Muffin 2010! and its “killing me softly” the thought of “losing myself” if i dont get to see the rest of the line up!

  4. Kristie says:

    Music is my everything! my food, my water, y reason for living!!! I was crushed when i couldnt afford to go!!! This would prob be the highlight of my life!! The music of the people!!! YEEEAAAHHH BOY!

  5. Dreenah says:

    Music is my life,inspiration and its the only way i can describe myself in a way that people understand.
    Going to Raggamuffin will be like a dream come true as i have NEVER been to a musical fest before.
    Seeing SeanKingston live will be a dream within itself as Sean is one of my many musical icons.


  6. Meliisa says:

    Kia ora my name is Melissa

    I dont mean to be dishonest but its not me who wants to go to raggamuffin its my parents
    since the start of raggamuffim my sisters and i won a double pass to raggamuffin through our local newspaper and had handed to mum and dad and they came home different people because in their 18-20 years theve been together they not once gone out together and enjoyed themselfes they are the most populast reggae lovers in Opunake because they grew up beleiving im freedom. My sisters and i just want to give mum and dad the chance to go out there and just enjoy themselves. We do everthing too give our parents a chance but they try themselves but money dont grow on trees these days we cant afford it so we try every competition we can for them. Reggae is the Most musical they will always love and settle for.\
    We just love our parents because they do alot for us we just want to return the favour.

    so thank you very Much

  7. Tearana says:

    It is the best day of the year to go to Rotos and see Sean Kingston and Lauren Hill and it would be like the all time time of my life.

    and it is the best time to smoke and just be yourself and not what every one else thinks.

    I mainly want to go and see Sean Kingston and Lauren Hill i want to go and see all ov them.

    Ragga muffin is the bombbbbbb!!!! whoooooooooo

  8. Mags Oh-Tee says:

    Having these tickets would change my life intensely to experience “Lauryn Hill live” having grown up with her fabulous music, beautiful lyrics and most stunning voice will bless my heart in all ways possible!!

    Having experienced “UB40 live” was an unforgettable memory that will live on.. Let Lauryn Hill leave an unforgettable memory that will live on in my heart!!

    That is life changing!! <3 :D

  9. Rush says:

    Yes dammit, these tickets would change my life for the better. First and foremost, I NEED to see MS. HILL…

    Because I used The Score to trick my parents into listening to hiphop (admittedly it was track 8, but whatever).

    Because I did an optional school assignment at the tender and impressionable age of 13 dissecting every lyric of every song on “The Miseducation…” and poured my soul into trying to convert my boring, suburban Year 8 class to that album. Not sure if I succeeded, but she pretty much made me a woman.

    Because I will still defend MTV Unplugged 2.0 to the death as well as try to hone my crappy guitar skills by playing all 3 of the chords she used when I’m feeling down.

    Because I don’t care that I’m being schmaltzy and sentimental because I never thought I’d see her live, in the flesh, and sane. Even if she’s not the latter I don’t care! It would make me complete! I’m just too broke to buy the tickets, otherwise I would have gotten them the minute they came out :(

    Not to mention Wyclef is a great performer, Shaggy might be fun, Blue King Brown will shake off any political apathy and I can say I’ve seen a Marley. And the vibe will be amazing!!


  10. James says:

    Well besides being a Fat Kid which is pretty dope, the reason would be that it would be crazy vision to be at WICKED reggae influenced festa where peeps are pulling spliffs outta my afro and getting down and crazy to the mesmerising sounds Of Lauren Hill and Julian Marley, who would be close to seeing The KIng Bob Marley for me personally.

    SOunds out there but hey its original haha.

    Pick this brotha here!!!!!!!!


  11. arjefi says:

    Feels like 400 years since I last went out and heard some great music, but when I went outside this morning, three little birdies by my doorstep seemed a good omen.

    I need to lively up myself, and sitting and watching the 2010 Raggamuffin lineup would just make me feel like jumpin’! I’d get up, stand up, and all the people would say, look who’s dancin’!

    So I’m waiting in vain to hear some good news that would just make me go zungguzungguguzungguzeng!

    (Or is it that you don’t love me? No, no, no….)

  12. Finn says:

    Mum says I can’t get dreadlocks until I’m a big boy but she says I can see Julian Marley if we can win some tickets. I’m so excited to see Julian Marley because I love Bob Marley and I miss him because I’m only 4 and he died a long time ago. I don’t like to brush my hair. My favourite song is Get Up, Stand Up.

  13. Neesha says:

    I am one of the last entries, the show is soo soon and i stilll dont have a ticket, so i would really like a ticket. i spent too much money at fried chicken ( ps i didnt get any chicken lol)and now i can’t really buy the tix..

    if i get the tickets i will make sean kingston, that fat bastard wear a fat kids tee.. or i will try.. last minute of course :)

  14. Ian says:

    I was going to go through my usual routine of waking up in the dumpster, fossicking through used syringes at west footscray train station see if there’s some left over, then going to the internet cafe to check if my online ad ‘crack-head’s ass – $25 or nearest offer’ received any replies before leaving without paying. To hang with the rastas, hear de riddims and inhale their 2nd hand smoke could send me on the path to becoming world hackeysack champion.

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