Milk Magazine x adidas Originals Star Wars Playing Cards

January 6, 2010


To coincide with the recent Originals Star Wars campaign, Milk HK have teamed up with adidas to produce a set of playing cards. These will come in 2 different versions featuring all the characters we love from Star Wars. Available only through several adidas retail outlets in Hong Kong. If you got a friend staying there, holla quick because these are definitely a collectors item that will sell out in no time.

One Response to Milk Magazine x adidas Originals Star Wars Playing Cards

  1. INDYVADER says:

    Ni hao or Hello!!

    I’m from Australia, but just wanted to know…. How much did these playing card decks come out thru your Adidas retail outlets over there in Hong Kong? I’m just curious. I thought they were only issued to the MILK magazine VIP’s of your Fashion magazine called MILK there!! They look pretty sick!!!

    Yeh… and May the Force be with you all!!! =)

    Zi jen/Goodbye


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