Mayer Hawthorne x Amp Fiddler + Roots Manuva Ticket Giveaway ANNOUNCED!

January 7, 2010


Our good friends at Niche Productions were kind enough to give us 2 double passes… one for Roots Manuva and the other for Mayer Hawthorne x Amp Fiddler x Quantic. Well… we have the winnersssssss…

Roots Manuva double pass goes to… Shoosh! – We know the broke ass student steeez!

Mayer Hawthorne double pass goes to… Todd! (aka Louie Knuxx) – he did bless us with the good word.

Congrats guys! Hit us on the email tip for collection!

21 Responses to Mayer Hawthorne x Amp Fiddler + Roots Manuva Ticket Giveaway ANNOUNCED!

  1. Cathy Sison says:

    its seriously my 25th birthday..what better the gift of soul music//show me love!

  2. todd says:

    cos i put you guys on to mayer!!! love todd xxxx

  3. Spleezy says:

    ^ yo thats a good ass call! hahahaha

  4. blacky says:

    coz if you don’t ill leave your mum locked in my basement!

  5. Nidge says:

    haha, wow, haydn’s gone nut’s… but um seriously… cos ive got plenty of slime but no reason to go..

  6. Jerry says:

    .. cause i’m a Jew and i’ll sue you bitch ass if you don’t give them to ME!

  7. Teecee says:

    Well because Mayer and I have a strange arrangement,which involves the unbridled love of a fat kid! Poiiiiice!

  8. Teecee says:

    Well there’s that and also my unsavoury desire for playing with knobs…or amp fiddling If you prefer?!

  9. Luke says:

    Just give me the tickets man ffs!!!

  10. Sea Monkey says:

    Because I’m broke, I’m broken, but I will never be defeated

  11. Ryan says:

    Mayer for President.. I even bought the CD for my Mum for Christmas! She wants me to get it signed for her at the instore signing, haha.. Roots Manuva is also king and both shows will be awesome, I’m actually disappointed in myself for not buying tickets. Maybe I knew you guys were going to do this??

  12. Cat says:

    cos i am friggen in love with mr hawthorne but none of my friends know him so arent willing to fork out!!! … if i get 2 free tix then i can bring someone with me =D

  13. toddf says:

    1. cause i’ll beat you in a game of jeapordy.
    2. cause I got mad karma due to come back to me real soon.
    3.I bet im the only one to comment thats actually been to Ann Arbour Michigan.
    4. i’ll prolly party harder than most these cats at the show n e ways..
    5. im the brokest guy you’ll meet in 2010 so hook a brotha up!

  14. DP says:

    …cos you know how much i this would mean to me.

  15. Shoosh says:

    Two of our friends are having their 30th the night of Roots Manuva at the Palace…our nearest and dearest will be there minus us!! We will be drinking cheap beer close by because we are poor artists/students waiting for them to meet us & rub it in….boohoo….so please help us out pretty please with roots on top!??!!!!

  16. Fuchsia says:

    Would love the tix cos my twin sister is too tight to buy entry but it’s always better dancing with a doppelganger. Twice as nice!

  17. Kim says:

    because New Years began with SLAP to the face- that slap being a very large three-digit fine and am in NEED of great music, vibes, times. I also owe it to the friend who did a lot of waiting on my behalf… So come on and make this lady’s day by sending her a pick-me-up for the new year!!! Please?

  18. Rachel says:

    have entered 2010 on a tight ass budget…

    .. been over in cambodia volunteering.. teaching photography to ex-street kids..

    oh and im also in debt from making australia’s first ever KRUMP documentary based on burncity (aka melbourne!!).. c’mon thats got to count as something..

    give some love to someone who’s been giving a lot of love.. hah…

  19. todd says:

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww thanks guys! i was gonna be too poor to go!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  20. SWiZzy says:

    I would make sure the performers re think their noise protection strategy after the screaming we would do! cause a board meeting to happen , make news headlines bout it invloving politicians – All from the fun of seeing the performances!

  21. Geisha says:

    It woz my lil sistahz 18th last month, and all she asked woz to go to da raggamuffin concert!! It would so make her year 2010 a year to remember cos she well talented and loves musik…so pleaze recommend me.. ;) much luv

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