Good Vibrations 2010… Ticket Giveaway!

January 14, 2010


The friendly people at Jam Music have been kind enough to give Fat Kids readers a chance to win a double pass to this year’s Good Vibrations Festival! Tell us why these tickets will give your life more purpose… ┬áthe best comment scores the free passes… comprende? All applicants MUST be over the age of 18 to enter.

Competition ends on 12th February… so get in quick! Hit the jump to place your comment.


69 Responses to Good Vibrations 2010… Ticket Giveaway!

  1. Glitch says:

    I wanna get my vibes out. I wanna hear it and feel it because boy i know it’ll definitely give this year a funkadelic start.

  2. F the rest says:

    my comment took me less than 5 seconds

  3. jess says:

    good vibes will give me a reason to get out of my p.j’s nd get funky whhoo hoo

  4. Alex says:

    I wanna rock it to salt n pepper!

  5. shanemac says:

    I wanna rock up at Good Vibes so I can Bust-A-Nut to Busta Rhymes & party like a Fat Kid at Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory to sweet sweet music & crazy crazy shenanigans!

  6. Ruthy says:

    I wanna rock with my cock 2 to wicked beats with my mates one last time before I leave the shores of Australia for a 2 year adventure 2 Canada!!! I’m Strap 4 cash…..& would love to go!!! Peace out Fat Kidzzzzzzzz. Mwah xx

  7. aswini jeyendren says:

    it’ll be the perfect way to celebrate summer, music & the end of summer school – rocking out to old school classics from salt n pepa, busta rhymes & naughty by nature :D woooh!

  8. may says:

    theses tickets give my life purpose as im able to experience all the bands live and enjoy the festival atmosphere with the thousands others who were able to get a ticket.
    Seeing the Killers live would give soo much purpose in my life as they are sucha an worldwide phenomenal band which put on a great show and i wouldnt like to miss it.

  9. David says:

    “Hi, My name is Dave and I… like to party!” :-)

  10. DP says:

    one may wonder a whole life time to figure the meaning of life..

    however its fairly obvious the purpose of mine rests heavily on these tickets.. x

  11. arianna allen says:

    hmmmmm purpose?

    well i’d definitely call in a sickie (naughty girl) from my very stressful but job i love!!! And that’s miss nurse to you.


  12. Michael says:

    I did my best to notice when the call came down the line; up to the platform of surrender, with these tickets I’d be fine…

    I know where mine is, but where’s your head at?

  13. Podge says:

    These Tickets Will Give My Life More Purpose Because Fat Kids Rock It Harder Than Anyone.. Like The Dude On The Pendulum Track Called Slam…. Go On YouTube It, If You Havent Seen It…!! I Wanna Rock Out To Goodvibes, With Not A Care In The World…!!! Please Give This Fat Kid The Opportunity To Do So…!!!! Word

  14. Lao says:

    I go to festivals for more than the music; for the buzzing atmosphere and the vibe which engulfs you! Everyone is out for a good time to enjoy good music and have fun with friends- and strangers, who basically are friends you just haven’t met yet! I also love festivals because it is like a fashion parade> I adore beautiful people in beautiful outfits… I love seeing the creativity of clothing items thrown together. All of it is what makes a festival worthwhile.. and winning free tickets would be like the cherry on top. PLUS the fact that Sunday & Monday are my days off from work, so rest assured I will make the most of the ticket; party hard and have a recovery day :) Unlike other festivals on Sat. where I have to try and get time off ugh.

  15. eliot says:

    Story of the summer…

    Dave seaman decides to go on a craze z-trip to check art v’s science when he heard gossip about the killers who lit up friendly fires when they used salt and pepper at the gym class heros session. Although it was no surprise for they were naughty by nature especially when down in the basement, jaxx started to busta rhyme with wicked spinderella beats at the thought of it all. Then sam obernik teased the really plump djs as they began to kill-a-queen while some kid cudi began to turn up the bass kleph-odometer listening to chase & status live at good vibrations…

    peace, love, drugs

  16. sarah says:

    the best comment? im terrible at comments, but i will say that i have never been to a music festival before and winning these tickets would be awesome!!!!!!! especially with art vs. science playing!!!!!!!!

  17. Michelle Y says:

    its a need for me to rock it somewhere every weekend. i have an addiction…some call me a festival junkie, but i have this need to go to EVERY music festival there is in Melbourne, to keep this going & prevent me from going insane you must give me these tickets :)
    (ps- im not really insane)

  18. Leonie Y says:

    i ate like a FAT KID over valentines day, i gotta work off the carbs somehow..:D

  19. Trishiie says:

    my hotmail got hacked so this is my new email if you need it :)

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