GIVEAWAY (December) : Upperplayground x Sam Flores x Jeremy Fish x Andy Howell WINNER ANNOUNCED!

January 4, 2010


THE SPIRIT (Skate Deck)
Artist/Designer: Andy Howell,Jeremy Fish
Brand: superFishal
Color: Black/Natural
SKU: SF82108DK
superFishal x Andy Howell

Each season superFishal introduces a new series of three collaborative board graphics. The boards are screenprinted in small limited editions. The concept behind the superFishal collab series is to take two artists and their different styles, and have them meet and converge into really unique board graphics.

Decks are made in the US with North American Maple. Art is screenprinted.


JUMPING TIGER (Pillow/Cushion)
Artist/Designer: Sam Flores
Brand: Twelve Grain
Color: Sand
SKU: TG87008PW
Printed case with removable pillow.

Measures 20 inches tall x 20 inches wide

AND THE WINNER IS… WIN! Congrats homie… hit us on email to claim these 2 pieces of heatery!

28 Responses to GIVEAWAY (December) : Upperplayground x Sam Flores x Jeremy Fish x Andy Howell WINNER ANNOUNCED!

  1. Spleezy says:

    I need this Skateboard and Pillow because I need to learn how to skate, with this Skateboard I can start and the pillow will be useful for when I stack.

    Fat Kids are smokin’ spleezys with hwissey

  2. The Creep says:

    I need the skateboard so I can snap it over Spleezy’s head. Someone’s got to knock some sense into the kid. The pillow is also for Spleezy’s head because The Creep, contrary to popular belief, has a conscience too. He just can’t go around marrying North American Maple to dudes’ heads without feeling the pang of guilt.

  3. Spleezy says:

    Fat Kids need to giveaway a huge penis for The Creep to fix his mouth, or his ass hole….

  4. The Creep says:

    Someone hasn’t had their spleezy today. Give the skateboard to Spleezy, I feel bad about hurting his feelings. Give him the pillow too, I think he needs a nap.

  5. Bakes says:

    I need this skateboard and pillow so I can sit on the skateboard and nail gun the pillow to the wall. Appreciate the art ;)

    Fat Kids are always cloudy in the head and there is always a chance of eating meatballs.

  6. oliverone says:

    ill use the pillow to smother my girlfriend so i can skate in peace.

    i went there.

    fat kids do not endorse spousal abuse.

  7. Spleezy says:

    I’ve had my spleezy now. Give me the skateboard I’m hungry

  8. Neuz says:

    I need the skate deck cause my hover board broke. I’ll just fix the hovers back on to the superFishal deck and be travellin in no time. I’ll need the cushion ‘fo my arse when my delusional dreams of skatin like Marty McFly hit reality.

    Fat Kids are what the world needs to solve its hunger problems.

  9. NickLemon says:

    I need the skateboard to tear up the city in. I need the pillow to put on my wall. Appreciate the art you know :]

    Fat kids break skateboards and drool on pillows :D

  10. joyjoyc says:

    I need the skateboard so I can get around, no money for public transport, and the pillow to hug as I skate

    Fat kids need hugs too

  11. Little Boy says:

    I need this skateboard because i want to use this skateboard by learning how to ride it so i can get around town and i want the pillow because i like the cool design and so i can sleep on it or hug it :)

    Fat kids are a big help to our society :D

  12. tattoo stue says:

    see i dont NEED or WANT the skateboard like all theses other cats i MUST HAVE IT!!!! the pillow would be better off thrown to the losers so they can bite down on it hard when they think of me on my couch sippping congnac whilst i gaze at the awsomeness of my new trophy skateboard. BAM!!

    fat kids are not fat, they’re just big BONERED!

  13. lil cutie says:

    i would give the skateboard to a much needed child as a present, and keep the pillow as a reminder of how i gave away a skateboard to a much needed child. yurrrp.
    oh that, and i’m awesome. =]

  14. Stefan says:

    i want the board as it is a piece of moving art, it look sweet with my trucks and wheels. it can be my cruise board coz i dont want to ruin the awesome graphics on the board. i want the pillow so when i eventually get hurt i have something soft to comfort me.

    needs are my wants !
    i need a new pillow too, mine are horrible.


  15. minx says:

    i just wanna be a part of this conversation :-D

  16. Blaze says:

    Because i am totally radicool to the POWER OF MAXTREME AWERSOME!!!111one!!!!

    And i can nearly trey flip.

  17. Blaze says:

    also…Fat kids r teh internets

  18. Expla!n says:

    I need the pillow to match my other flores one…gotta look pimp with two pillows..I recently started skating again well borrowing a deck of a mate..he took it back and I feel lonleeeyyyyy…plus I have been dreaming about skating and shit…also Andy and J.F + Flores and my frav artist and it would be dope as to rock a combo of their gear !! oh & also..PLEASE ..

  19. kimmy says:

    well my son is a skate boarding maniac he has been skateing since three has had loads of stacks so the pillow can break his fall some day and i love fat kids ,…

  20. Simple Simon says:

    I need the pillow to rest my weary skull after the impending feast that is Christmas Day… and I need the skateboard as my late Christmas present because Fat Kids are all about the spirit of Christmas and Turkey sandwiches!

  21. James says:

    Because ive never slept on my own pillow or had a skateboard in my life.

    I walk everywhere I go.

    I sleep on the pillows at work…

    I need my own pillow.

    I need that skate board so that i don’t have to walk any more, and so that I can be proud of something that is truly special in my life…

    I have never owned a skate board…. :(

  22. nate says:

    I need these things becuase its my birthday tomorrow, and becuase every one i know is a cheap cunt i never get any thing becuase its so close to christmas. seriously like im so depressed give me the fucking skateboard! i just broke mine!

    Fat Kids Are tastier than skinny ones when roasted.

  23. Ace says:

    I need this skatedeck. I need it. I havent skated in oh so long, sir. Oh so long. The tie I wear around my neck is more familiar than skating, which wasnt always the case. No cliched comments about the tie being a noose, thats just lame, because I like my tie, its kind of voluntary but the lack of skating is not.

    I need that pillow for my oh so, OH SO, heavy head. Without it my eyes dont close and everything becomes a copy of a copy of a copy. You cant die from insomnia but I think you can come fu-damn close, sir.

    Fat Kids are the renegades of cooool shiyatzu, bringing holy love to the fallen, the beaten, the lightening, the beasts, because, because, because, if the Fat Kids dont do it, no one else will.

  24. Win says:

    Ok Ok… First of all Andy Howell is one of the most prolific Pro skaters since the the late 80′s, he helped pioneer the industry, and art directed many skate companies, and not to mention some killer graphics for boards.

    So basically I would love to have his babies, I’ve collected his work for a while now, and did I mention I creamed/jizzed my pants 3 times, like in the film clip to “Jizz in my Pants” when I saw this collab…( you should have seen my creamed pants facials) I skate and I also skate an 8, but this collab has to go on my wall!!!! The board is a peice of f*cking dope art!!! it should never be skated… EVER!!!! I could potenially get laid for having this board…

    Also I recently broke my big toe about 2 weeks ago, so I’m out of action for about 6 weeks, the pillow would be perfect for when I have to elevate my foot, I’m currently using a box, but it starts to hurt after a while, I’m on crutches man! feel my pain!!!! I can’t even walk… (violin is playing a sad song in the background)

    Hook a brother up!! Also what’s the dilly this NYE? I’ll hop along and par tay like it’s 1999, ever seen a dude on crutches to a windmill?

  25. Jerry P Cap G says:

    A need for a Skate deck in ma I can talk a bullshit story to people who come to visit!..Tha Pillow that to wil be in tha lounge I’ll treat that designer name pillow to my mutt Staffy to feel cmfee on!

    Fat Kidz rrrr ummm rrrr?

  26. Win says:

    Oh shit.. I forgot my Fat KIDs are comment

    Fat Kidz Are like Whoa!! if I told you what Fat Kids Really are then I would have to kill you.

  27. Jav says:

    I need the Sipirit deck because I’m going to snap my Santa Cruz in two any day now and the Jumping Tiger pillow because that design is fiiiiiiiiiine! Look at the babe on that thing, she is so going to make tiger babies with those tiger men! Beautiful… Oh yeah Fat kids is hotter than my grandmas curry!!

  28. Competition is closed dudes… WIN is the… winner

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