Won Park – Lives in Garbage Truck… word

December 15, 2009


Benny posted a little of Won Park’s origami masterpieces a little while back but, I thought I would share a little knowledge regarding this amazing artist… he also lives in a garbage truck!!! Hit the jump to see some of his work… and his unique crib.

10 Responses to Won Park – Lives in Garbage Truck… word

  1. David Stone says:

    Won Park does not live in a Garbage Truck.
    Thu Dec 31, 2009, 1:15 PM Hello,

    Won Park here, There has been an email going around the internet and it says that I live in a Garbage Truck that has been converted in to an RV.

    I find it very funny because I live in Honolulu, Hawaii.

    I have a one bedroom Apt. I wish I could travel around in a RV and not pay rent. That would be fun.

    Won Park

  2. Helen g.Caddie-Larcenia says:

    can you give me information on how you did this…??? I am 66 years old ready to retire and wanting to travel around the country in a RV….LIKE YOURS (: How expensive is it to do and who did it for you?? much appreciated.

  3. grin says:

    We find it funny that the world would criticize some one as creative of Won, even if he did live in a garbage truck it shouldnt matter!

    Even then that is a pretty slick looking truck to say the least and we agree with Won it would be cool living in that and rolling through life

    Keep Folding……

  4. Lara says:

    Hey guys, have you looked at where the window is on th epic of the lounge and then look at the truck. The inside of the truck isn’t the same as the outside dimensions..

    It’s a good idea but it’s not the real vehicle, would like to see the real inside of the truck.

  5. Grammy says:

    It is a real vehicle. We have been looking at the photos for quite awhile (my Husband always dreamed of making his own motor-home). The area over the living-rrom comes up to expose the windows and give the area height.
    I always considered myself organized but this guy puts me to shame!
    The photos gave Hubby lots of ideas. Gee thanks alot!!

  6. Anthony says:

    Here’s the link to the company that built it….. http://www.unicatamericas.com/

  7. Anton Nonym says:

    Well this garbage truck story is silly.

    We talk about an all wheel driven German MAN motorhome.

    Just google images for: MAN Wohnmobil Allrad – you’ll see various of them.

    The folding stuff is genius, by the way !

  8. RB basilio says:

    How much do you charge if I want to order some of your creations

  9. tonio rocciano says:

    Fantastic mind that did a marvelous design…

  10. Brad Hall says:

    Great artist

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