Where the Wild Things Are by Andy Kehoe

December 22, 2009


“I think people get my work and relate to it on levels more important to me than understanding,” says Kehoe. “My work is so personal to me that if someone did really understand it, I’d be a little unnerved. I have specific storylines to a lot of my paintings, but I really love when people inject their own stories and life experiences into my work. Then it’s almost like my life is intertwined with someone else’s in some strange way and I love that connection. I’m almost afraid to explain my work because I don’t want to ruin that.” – Andy Kehoe

If you’re around LA, Kehoe’s got a new exhibition dubbed The World Unseen and Those In Between, at Thinkspace Gallery. It’ll run through until January 2nd, 2010. Hit the jump for more images of his work.

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