Skate Mental x Nike SB

December 14, 2009


Back in November we gave you a sneak peak of the Skate Mental x Nike SB collaboration. A micro site has been launched to give you an insight into the project.

Complete with video, imagery and product detail, the site takes you through a weekend with the Skate Mental and Nike SB crew, complete with beer and BB guns, as they throw together the look book for the campaign.

The juice of Brad Staba’s mind grapes has been put into words by the man himself -

When making the Nike SB/Skate Mental apparel, the collection took on this outdoor vibe. So when it was time to do the ads I figured we could go somewhere and camp and relax—use the stuff how it was intended. So my friend offered his family cabin in Clear Lake, California. The week before I made sure we had what we needed (BB Guns, ammo, decoy animals, fog machines, etc.). We rented some vans and hit the road. Nothing was over organized and I just wanted everybody to just have fun, no pressure. Of course I had to make sure I got all the photos I needed for the ads, but besides that it was pretty loose. So I hope everything translates well enough to get the vibe I was going for. Besides having to hear me ramble and see my face, hopefully you’ll enjoy the outcome.

-Brad Staba




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