Peanut Butter Maker

December 11, 2009


Ever wondered how peanut butter is made? In a nutshell (boom-boom!), thousands of squirrels are forced to gather nuts and crack them open with little hammers before chucking them in a gargantuan blender powered by chimps, who trundle away 24/7 on treadmills whilst elephant commandants crack the whip. All right, so that’s not entirely true. But it’s only slightly less implausible than the amazing Peanut Butter Maker.

Believe it or not, this compact contraption churns out deliciously gloopy, warm peanut butter in seconds. All you do is chuck in your nuts *insert suitably lame joke as required* and flip the switch. That’s it. No oils, fats or additives required. You can even choose between chunky or smooth. Willy flippin’ Wonka!




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