November Giveaway: Spy Optics ‘Touring’ & ‘Corniche’ Sunglasses (Winner Announced)

December 9, 2009


Emma Whitla… you are taking home that ‘Corniche’ heatery!


Oliverone … you are taking home that ‘Touring’ heatery!

Congrats guys! Get in touch!


20 Responses to November Giveaway: Spy Optics ‘Touring’ & ‘Corniche’ Sunglasses (Winner Announced)

  1. Joshua Meinrath says:

    wearing these sunnies will make me look so manly that they may actually help me reach puberty. And all the ladies will say “thats hot” when they see me cruising my fixie with them bad boys on!

    hook a brother up! >peace

  2. Billy Tea says:

    If I was rocking these bad boys I might look as good as Hwissey with the Corniche’s on.

  3. Luke says:

    I will look sex with these on :p that’s all

    Fat kids are.. On the way up in a big way!!!

  4. Kriz says:

    Hey Fatties!

    These rad sunnies are BIG, helpful for keeping out harmful sun rays. However, a more life-changing advantage the awesome size of these sunnies is not what they keep out, but how brilliantly they will shield the world from my face.
    So i beg you, not to change MY life, but save the scorched eyes of those whom I pass by.
    Do it for the kids ;)

    peas <3 beets

  5. Tony says:


    I’m just of the boat from Scotland and in this weather feeling like an Inuit lost in the Gobi. My eyes are burning.

    Fat Kids are the first thing I’ve seen in Melbourne that I wanna be a part of. Word!!


  6. Emma Whitla says:

    This is me now : my pants are pulled up over my waist. i have a poo mustard nanna vest on and my best friend is a lettuce. hey. you sunk my battleship lettuce!!!

    Flashforward – this is me with RAD Spy Optics sunnies on…

    yes yes y’all doop doop doo doo i’ma rollin the street wiv ma nikes oooooon. i got sweet sweet sunnies and i’m chillin wiv ma dawgs. doop doop doo doo

    see. clearly life changing.

    Fat Kids are licensed to ill.

  7. Louis Italiano says:

    They’ll change my life in that I will drop these hipster Raybans… for the good of the world really.

    Fat kids are going to be a burden to the future healthcare system.

  8. Nadine says:

    These sunnies will take me from “The Terminator” petrol station specials to “2010 -the movie!

  9. Lukeydfredo says:

    These sunnys will change my life in that they will make me so fly I could reach the sky then I could fly threw the sky to the states and get all those first release sneakers everyone is waiting on
    fat kids are g’d up from the feet up bomb funk OG’s

  10. shane mac says:

    I have finally broken all 20 pairs I bought from Bali last summer… surprisingly the quality of them just wasn’t up to scratch..?? Oh.. and I wanna look like a ‘ladies man’ like Hwissey!

  11. mikhail d says:

    these sunglasses are swagger like mineeee gonnna change my life by rocking themm at schoool with no time to fly, and yeaahh it’s gonna change my life by making meeee look coool, the fat kids are the one that stay in school be rocking these shades because we’re the awesome ones in schoool

  12. Jebb says:

    Well after finally loosing my last pair of oakleys on the jetski over the weekend, Dont make me rock out with some Shell servo or balinese f-oakley’s, Spy Optic’s touring is what i need to have to hit the beach this summer!

    FatKids are…… IT ! Nuff said.

  13. Jadekinss says:

    The Corniche’s will look so stunning that people will not be able to look away from my face and therefore will stop noticing and laughing at my flabby,saggy, FAT butt hanging out of my matching teeny-weeny red polka-dot bikini on the beach this summer.

    Fat kids are breaking the mould, (and probably their school chairs).

  14. rad pete says:

    your mix tape made my 81 rollas’ bonnet fly open due to the stupidly big sub woofer i have in it.

    Fat kids are rattling my car to bits.

  15. oliverone says:

    they will contain my cyclops xmen style laser beams from causing laser beam burns to innocent women and children.

  16. Neuz says:

    Most likely will end up getting smashed at Simply Bread 6, fo shizzle! Need these sunnies to front on other people the next day, pretending to listen to them while i’m actually dozing off behind those glasses. Oh, and I also need them while I bike around Melb. Helps to keep my vision 20/20 against the glare and the dust and wind out of my eyes.

  17. B Edit says:

    Well these shades will hide me from the public shame of wearing them with my K Swiss and making me look truly like a bogan, If I had the girls one too I could also play dress up with my gf and we together could drive in my 87 Camira glass down pumping Draft down the freeway > Anyway pretending to be BOGANS!!

    Yeth Pleeth pick me


  18. B Edit says:

    Oh and Fat Kids are actually fuckin awe….some! (Is that right?) shit did I say that out loud….

  19. oliverone says:

    hellz yeah!

  20. Eye Spys says:

    I love Spys! I write a blog about Spy Optics reviewing different pairs. Check it out and let me know what you think, and what pair you want to see next!

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