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December 3, 2009


From Boozehag bootyshaking club DJ’s to so called journalists, we knew we had to up the literary ante for our first ever Fat Kids piece. So when Lil Fame and Billy Danze aka M.O.P recently hit the country for the Australian leg of “The Foundation” tour, we felt it was time for a Brownsville meets Brunswick link up.


With $3 to our name on the eve of our arranged interview with M.O.P, purchasing a Dictaphone was out of the question and after three days of solid partying in the lead up we we’re too deliriously tired/possibly still drunk to take notes shorthand. Fortunately the boys weren’t fazed by our lack of preparation and instead invited us along to spend some time hanging out before we all hit the show together…..


Arriving at the hotel we were soon in the presence of Fame and Danze and once introductions were through it was time to talk the serious, in depth issues…………bootyshaking, shampoo brands, thickness, grills and most seriously, the concept of “Gap”

Suez: “Do you prefer a woman, who stands straight and has a gap between her thighs or no gap?
Fame: “F*ck that shit”
Danze: “I needs me a whole gang of B*tch”
(Cue entire room erupt in laughter and it’s pretty clear the boys are happily down with the thickness”)


With showtime looming we all climbed into the tour van and headed out to The Espy. Trapped in close confinement with nothing better to do, Kate and Fame are soon embroiled in a domestic over whose hair smelt better. Resorting to desperate measures, Fame steals Kate’s lip balm, rubs it into his scalp only to declare to the entire van “THERE YOU GO!! MY HAIR DONE SMELL THE BEST B*TCHES!”….and really, how could we argue with that?


Rocking up at The Espy it was pretty obvious that every self respecting Hip Hop head in the city had rolled down to catch the show……and for the few who didn’t, you missed one of the hypest, high energy, hip hop gigs to grace this city in a long time. The crowd participation was next to none and in return, despite being somewhat sleep deprived, after getting word that the venue was packed out, the boys vowed to smash the show to pieces…..and boy did they deliver.


Once business had been handled onstage it was time to bounce. On the ride home, Fame serenaded us with his own version of Cyndi Laupers “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” (lets just say, he should stick to his day job….our ears are still ringing but damn it was cute).


Arriving back in the city we said our goodbye’s to the boys. Emails and hugs were exchanged. Promises to keep in touch were made and to quote Billy Danze, “Trife Parlour Crew – I like your punk ass attitude”….and honey, we loved yours too.


3 Responses to New Feature: Boozed, Booshie and Backstage with T.P.C – Mash Out Posse

  1. Kt Burt says:

    The gig was awesome….not one moment of dull or boring. It went off, the room was pumped…actually was still walking around the next day singing out in my flat…M.O.P. in da house….hilarious…

    Lineups, everything, everyone was great. Will gladly go to gigs these guys run..

    Thanks for an awesome time, from the 4 of us!!!
    Kt Burt

  2. kate jean says:

    hahaha!!!!! what a night. next time we will actually have a dictaphone and do a proper interview! this one was sooooo ghetto!


  3. Billy Tea says:


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