Hugh Hefner’s Playboy x 6 Volumes – An Illustrated Biography

December 15, 2009


Playboy has played a part in all our lives… the secret stash, the denial, the laughs, the enjoyment and most of all the good reading… Hef build a damn fine empire that all of us can look up to (don’t deny it girls, he made dressing in a robe something to respect and you would not pass up a ticket to the mansion). Whether you agree with the publication or not, you have to respect the empire. Throughout its existence, Playboy has featured prominent figures such as… John Lennon, Richard Nixon, Roman Polanski and Martin Luther King.

Taschen has just released a biography on the legend. The biography covers the first 25 years of the publication. Each book features never before seen pictures and artwork plus 700 pages of writing by the man himself. Only 1,500 sets will be released, each signed by Hef. As a bonus, the set will also include a piece of Hef’s pyjamas. Hit the jump for more looks…

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