How Hip Hop Got Dumb… Top 10

December 23, 2009


A collaborative effort… brought you this amazing post… actually maybe it was just Hwissey’s amazing taste in music. Either-way Fat Kids are proud to present our top 10 ‘Dumb Ass Hip Hop Joints’. GUCCI BAN-DANA GUCCI GUCCI BAN-DANA! AYE!

10. Halle Berry – Hurricane Chris

9. Stanky Leg – GS Boyz

8. Marco Polo – Bow Wow & Soulja Boy… Tell em

7. Lemonade – Gucci Mane

6. Drop & Give Me 50 – Mike Jones ft Hurricane Chris

5. Birdwalk – Soulja Boy… Tell Em

4. Beam Me Up – Tay Dizm

3. Becky – Plies

2. Soulja Boy… Tell Em ft Gucci Mane – Gucci Bandanna

1. OJ Da Juiceman – Washing Powder Money

Hwissey insisted I put this up as a bonus…

3 Responses to How Hip Hop Got Dumb… Top 10

  1. Spleezy says:

    best post on the site period

  2. dommy says:

    ohhh god… hahaha
    Bangs will love this

  3. oliverwedd says:

    i think i may have just a little faith in humanity.

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