Homeless not… Hopeless

December 11, 2009


Artist ‘Above’ recently put together the ‘Homeless not, Hopeless’ project/fundraiser. The aim of the project was to raise awareness to the homelessness epidemic in Portland, Oregon. Oregon currently holds the largest proportion of homeless people in the USA. ‘Above’ interviewed quite a few people on his travels… and I have to say some stories made me feel sad, guilty and ashamed that the world turns a blind eye to these people. One quote really stuck out…

Question: What is the worst thing about being homeless?

ANSWER: “Being so lonely! I stand on the street corner with this sign and nobody wants to even look at me! It’s as if I’m invisible or people don’t want to look… The worst part for me is the lonliness.”

Please visit the ‘Above’ website to read more stories… I hope this post makes you throw a little coin next time you see someone in need, this is a worldwide epidemic.

Click here for more information

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