Hijos De Villa Pistol Reposado Tequila

December 31, 2009


For all tequila lovers, this will be something you would want to have in your collection. The limited edition Hijos de Villa tequila is made to honor the Villanueva-Barragan family, owners of Licores Veracruz. This pistol symbolizes the family’s courage, respect and pride. Check out the jump for more looks of this great set.

2 Responses to Hijos De Villa Pistol Reposado Tequila

  1. Jose says:


    Are you guys selling the pistol?

  2. Benny Boo Just Doin' The Doo says:

    Hey Jose… unfortunately we’re not selling the Hijos De Villa Pistol Reposado Tequila. But u can get them at other online stores though ;o) good luck!

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