Converse Japan Dress Code 1/2 collection

December 2, 2009


Who doesn’t like Converse? With they’re Japan Dress Code 1/2 release, I’m sure many more people will get on the Chucks wagon. Their Japan Dress Code 1/2 collection features the all famous Jack Purcell’s with more premium materials and a slightly “dressier” look. These first two will drop this month, with more information on the rest of the collection dropping on January 15th, 2010.

One Response to Converse Japan Dress Code 1/2 collection

  1. Brian King says:

    I do not usually ask someone for help with it goes for searching for something online. However after searching for over three weeks I have not been able to locate any information on as to where I can purchase these shoes. If you have some type of underground connection or just could point me in the proper direction I would be grateful. The shoes I am looking for are the Converse Dress Code 1/2 Collection.

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