Boozed, Booshie and Backstage with T.P.C – Soul Clap

December 16, 2009


Back in the days of Kate Jean and Suez stranded in Perth whilst Lizzie was living in Melbourne, we’d occasionally make it over to Melbourne for a week long party bender that usually revolved around a Saturday night outing to the urban Institute that was and is, Soulclap. Fast forward to 2009 and after a 6month hiatus, Trife Parlour Crew were proud to be affiliated with the relaunch of Soulclap with Kate Jean part of the resident Dj bill…….

The Launch Party went a little like this…….

3pm – Kate Jean to Peril “Darling, wtf am I meant to play tonight for my set?”
Peril – “slow sexy jamz”
Kate to Suez: “F*ck…….i only know electro!!!”

8pm – Lizzie, Kate Jean and Suez fight for bathroom mirror space…….Kate Jean has fashion crisis and wears short dressing gown with belt, stilhetto’s and claims its an outfit…..only to later lift it in the unisex toilets after drunken encouragement from Suez

9:30pm – Trife Parlour Crew arrive at Element Lounge. Kate Jean drunkenly stumbles to Dj booth……….”darlings what do you want me to play? I ‘m too boozed to decide”

10pm  til 11pm – Kate Jean somehow pulls off an urban set of songs she didn’t even know existed until she jacked them off Suez earlier that afternoon. Suez and Lizzie cause a glittery rukkas in the booth and on the dancefloor.

11pm – TPC discover Element lounge offer a 2 for 1 drink special………….we lined the bar up and still had change!

12am – Acclaim Mag Founder, Andrew Montell rolls through. TPC swoon in unision…………how the hell can you be that fine and that successful at the same time?


12:30am – Packed house. Outside the line stretches down the street. Peril takes to the booth and all hell breaks loose on the dancefloor.

2:59am – TPC clock Astyle in the club

3am – Suez to Astyle: “you’re fine as hell….i would f*ck your shit up”

3:01am – Astyle blushes……….and deep down we know he loved it

3:02am – TPC move on to the next fine man and the sexual harassment continues………..

Sunday 10am……TPC in unision – “f*ck I’m hungover…..but what a night!”

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