Beef of the Week – My brother’s dickhead friend

December 17, 2009


My brother had a party and this guy was there.

He’d been nursing that beer for about an hour while he talked about how much his ma paid for his jeans.  That didn’t stop him from helping himself to someone else’s vodka, necking the bottle as if it was a testament to his masculinity but looking more like a nasty Rosie O’Donnell impersonator. After dry reaching for a minute he bitched about how the vodka wasn’t as good as Belvedere, took one of my cigarettes and flipped me a two dollar coin when I called him up on it.

Dude should consider himself lucky because if he wasn’t a friend of my brother’s I would have had no problems taking that Heine bottle and using it to bash out every tooth in that smug shit-eating grin of his.



3 Responses to Beef of the Week – My brother’s dickhead friend

  1. Shitty McJustice says:

    Violence is never the answer. Just encourage him to keep drinking until he passes out and shits himself, then take heaps of humiliating photos

  2. Sim Boner says:

    Worst. House. Party. Guest. Ever.

  3. blacky says:

    theres always at least one cock at a house party

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