Beef of the Week

December 3, 2009


This is my boss. Now I know what you’re thinking, everyone has beef with their boss but seriously, one time I caught him acknowledging himself in the men’s room mirror, fingers pointed,  singing “You’re a superstar!”.

We had a conversation once, and I quote verbatim -

Boss: You’re really boring at work.

Creep: That’s because I’m working.

Boss: Nah!, (sculls from beer, spilling a majority down his ill-fitting Travisty tee) if you’re not having fun at work, you should kill yourself .

Creep: Really!? You’re endorsing suicide now?

Boss: No, of course not. Actually, yeah. You should kill yourself.

This guy is that chubby kid with ADHD that you went to primary school with, who would always invite you for sleep-overs but you’d always lie to and say you had family commitments. The only difference here is, boss man was never weened off Ritalin and now tries pass off lines of kiddie coke as ” the real shit”.




4 Responses to Beef of the Week

  1. Hwissey says:


  2. Billy Tea says:


  3. Neuz says:

    Big Bird must be missing some feathers… like right around the a.hole… cos this guy put his super-glued face right up there.

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