2GB Machine Gun Ammo USB Flash Pen Drive (Silver/Gold)

December 31, 2009


This is a sick looking bullet thumb drive for your data storage. Its also antimagnetic, shockproof, dampproof, heat and cold resistant in light of the metal exterior. Now you know your data is going to be safe no matter where you are. Hit the jump for more specifications and images of the drive.

Memory Capacity: 2GB
Data Retention: over 10 years
Operating Current: <33mA
Suspend Current: <28mA
Reading Speed: Up to 11MBps
Writing Speed: Up to 2.5MBps
Operating system: Windows98/2000/XP/Vista, Mac OS 8.6 or above, Linux 2.4 kernel version or above
Color: Silver, Golden
Size (LxWxH): 6.1cm x 2.28cm x 1.2cm
Gross Weight: 0.070kg

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