Zo! …just visiting too EP

November 10, 2009


If you don’t recognize the name Zo, or the Foreign Exchange project you have probably been hiding under a rock, or have had your internet capped for the past two years.  Regardless this mixtape is smooth, and as I said before is in the same vain as the Foreign Exchange project.  This EP is also free, which is a good change, but worth the download.

Hit the jump for the link and a couple of words from Phonte and Nicolay regarding the project.


Note:We are proud to present the new EP of covers from our longtime friend, collaborator, and bandmate Zo!, “…just visiting too.”
Working on this record has been a labor of love for everybody involved, and we hope it serves as a teaser for Zo’s upcoming full-length “SunStorm,” dropping next summer on FE Music.

Enclosed in the “…just visiting too” zip file is a digital pdf booklet complete with all the album credits, information on the album’s vocalists and contributors, as well as information on the originals.
Enjoy the music, pass it around to a friend, and as always thank you for the support.
We hope this record makes your transition into the holiday season much easier. Thank you for listening.

Team FE marches on!

One Love,
‘Te and Nic



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