Video of Sket-One: Stay True DVD Vol 1. Interview

November 20, 2009

Off each volume of Stay True Video magazine, our homies Cookies’n'Cream will release one of the interviews via the web for people to enjoy freely. Only one.

For vol.1, acclaimed artist/toy designer Sket-One was their pick. Sket-One is an artist who is very well accomplished and respected worldwide, yet he is the most humble individual you would ever want to meet. In this Stay True interview, we get a chance to learn more about him, his work, inspiration, hobbies and also get some words of advice. An enjoyable and inspirational interview that the world has to see.

The full length Stay True video magazine Vol 1. is available at Cookies -n- Cream and select retailers like MyPlasticHeart and Boundless NY. It also features interviews with Dave Cortes, Tara McPherson, KaNo, Ali Vegas, Emilio Rojas, Shinobi Ninja, Vincent Yu (My Plastic Heart), Byron Velasquez, Pesu, TooFly, Kerri (Goodwood), Jared Deal, Teddy King (King Stampede/Boundless) and Peter Kato (Art Curator).

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