Book Review : Tees: The Art of the T-Shirt

November 23, 2009


Author: Maki
Publisher: Laurence King

Do you like T-Shirts? If you do… this book is definitely one for the coffee table! ‘Tees’ is the brainchild of a small design studio based in Groningen, Netherlands run by Kim Smits and Matthijs Maat. ‘Tees’ explores the power of independent, creativity and artistic integrity of the simple t-shirt.

As I flicked through the book, I have to say I was extremely inspired! ‘Tees’ really proves that a t-shirt is not merely a piece of fabric, it creates an identity and is an extension of ones character.  Each t-shirt acts as a canvas for independent thought and expression. I really like the fact that Maki chose to work with smaller/niche brands (some alive… some dead), as most of the designs scream originality.

If you are looking to start a clothing label or are currently in the business this book is a must. ‘Tees’ holds a wealth of information and inspiration for new design ideas (just make sure you only use it for inspiration, not a straight design jack).

Words by Fat Kids

Hwissey’s review: … it has alot of pictures and shit

2 Responses to Book Review : Tees: The Art of the T-Shirt

  1. Kwando says:

    Hey Fam where can I cop a copy of this?

  2. Hit up amazon homie, that’s your best bet

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