Pale Horse x Iron Fist: Monster Platform Shoes

November 9, 2009


Pale Horse have recently collaborated with Iron Fist to bring you girls a monster of a platform shoe the “Wolfbeater”. This is going to be as big as hit as the “Zombie Stomper” that was released prior to this. Check the jump for more images of these dope lookin’ platforms.

3 Responses to Pale Horse x Iron Fist: Monster Platform Shoes

  1. Yvonne says:

    Awesome. As soon as I saw these I ordered a pair. I am hanging for them to be delivered. Damned Snail mail!!!!!

  2. Benny Boo Just Doin' The Doo says:

    let us know when ya get them ;o) Gotta love snail mail!

  3. lorraine carew says:

    Hi There,
    Have tried every where for these awesome shoes any suggestions as to where i can get them even tried when in new york.

    Lou Lou

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