Marc Ecko x Black Rhino Jason Hoodie

November 17, 2009


OK… if you want to kill a motherfucker… this is that next shit!

“Channel the terror of Crystal Lake in this “Jason” hoodie from the Friday the 13th series by Marc Ecko. Bloody full zip-up hoodie with breathing holes and mesh eyeholes for visibility. Four button flap pockets, flocking, leather straps and metal rivets, rib knit sleeve cuffs and hem. “

5 Responses to Marc Ecko x Black Rhino Jason Hoodie

  1. Blaze says:

    Booo! Rip off of LRG’s hoodie from 2 years ago!

  2. yeah I know the one, but this one is a little more true to character…

  3. shane mac says:

    I’m scared..!!
    p.s I want to kill a motherfucker!!

  4. greg says:

    i want a hoodie!!!

  5. emma price says:

    i really want this hoodie for my husband for christmas were can i get one ??????

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