Mad Foot One by Jun Watanabe

November 27, 2009


This collaboration is definitely going to be a big hit when it releases in the next few months. Jun Watanabe joins forces with Mad Foot! to work on their One sneaker. He kept it as simple as possible and only worked with different color suede on the upper, adding contrasting eyelets, laces and linings to it. Great work on the details of the shoe I must say. Check the jump for more detailed imaged of the One Sneaker by Mad Foot & Jun Watanabe.

One Response to Mad Foot One by Jun Watanabe

  1. Ace Wagstaff says:

    purple and green low-cut Mad Foot’s: these are like golden syrup covered lingerie models, or a collection of cats wearing different novelty hats. No, I retract the cat comparison, they’re definitely more like supple lingerie models covered in golden syrup: both hot and sweet.

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