Hilarious Divorce Cakes

November 24, 2009


“Some people might consider it crass and insensitive while others may view it as a fitting end to a period in their lives – as well as a chance to have a good party,” says Fay. “I like to introduce humor rather than something too sober or vindictive so I use lots of figurines interacting with each other. Divorce can be a horrible thing but I would like to think comical divorce cakes can help lighten the mood a little.” – Fay Miller

For obvious reasons, a divorce isn’t something we’d usually celebrate, but Fay Miller begs to differ. London-based baker Fay started making and selling divorce cakes as a past time to ex-wives and the likes who want to celebrate their parting. Now its turn into a trend with prices ranging from $100 to $1300, you can practically get anything you want on the cake. Its unbelievable. Well done Fay!

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