Fly Society – Get Rich

November 19, 2009

Nice video… TK raps in it… wow!




One Response to Fly Society – Get Rich


    There they go packing stadiums
    as Shady spits his flow,
    nuts they go, macadamia they go so balistic whoa,
    we can make them look like boso’s,
    he’s wondering if he should spit this slow,
    f-ck no go for broke,
    his cup just runneth over oh no
    he aint had a buzz like this since the last time that he overdosed,
    they’ve been waiting patiently for Pinnochio to poke his nose,
    back into the game and they know,
    rap will never be the same as before,
    bashing in the brains of these hoes,
    and establishing a name as he goes,
    the passion and the flame is ignited,
    you can’t put it out once we light it,
    this sh-t is exactly what the f-ck that i’m talking about when we riot,
    you dealin with a few true villians
    who stand inside of the booth truth spillin,
    lyrics courtesy of
    and spit true feelings, until our tooth fillings come flying up out of our mouths
    now rewind it
    payback muthaf-cka for the way that you doubted me so how’s it taste?
    when I slap the taste out your mouth with the bass so loud that it shakes the place,
    i’m hannibal lecter so just in case your thinking of saving face,
    you aint gonna have no face to save by the time Im through with this place,
    so Drake….


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