Beef of the Week – The Creep vs The Online Tattoo Community

November 29, 2009


Recently my fellow Fatkids B.Two and 25th Hoodlum conducted an interview with Horiyoshi III discussing his craft and career. In an attempt to promote their journalistic hijinks, I took to the internet forums, targeting tattoo discussion boards in search of like minded folk who might find the interview of interest.

My post was brief . It simply said “Fatkids recently caught up with Japanese tattoo legend Horiyoshi III, to talk about the art of Japanese tattoo, inspirations, clothing, customers, art and life… Click here for the interview.” where words are underlined links were provided to the Fatkids home page and the interview’s URL. After hitting up a dozen forums with that same innocent thread, what was to follow was the confirmation that whoever runs these forums are  close-minded douche bags who wear their title as “moderator” as some of kind authority on free speech.

First there was this,

Picture 3

Then there were these,

Picture 7

Picture 1

Picture 6

Picture 11

Sheeeesh guys! Taking it all a bit too seriously. I like the generic “Banned” smiley and bold red type implying that I’ve angered the forum lords. Outlaw is so boss. Things start to get interesting now. Rather than just deleting the links, people start visiting them and attempt to speculate what Fatkids is all about.


Ok shit kicker,  first off, I’m not Japanese and second, I don’t have time to vibe with dudes on forums, let alone dudes who dress in Storm Trooper outfits and call themselves “snakebite”. And Marketing Company? Is that what we do now?


Up until now I was laughing but when this was posted, I’ll admit, my buttons were pushed

Picture 2



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5 Responses to Beef of the Week – The Creep vs The Online Tattoo Community

  1. Neuz says:

    I seriously doubt that ‘Jim’ the ‘moderator’ even has a tat. What a douche.

  2. tattoo stue says:

    the tattoo industry has too many dickholes with attitude and over inflated opinions. who the fuck are tattooists to say what is in or out, let alone some fuckwit with tattoos expressing his or her small minded kat von dickhead opinion that they learnt on cable tv. tattooing is first and foremost art, and art belongs to the people. its a personal art and personal opinions should be kept to ones self when they are related to the color of a persons skin… before you start on my ass jim or any other narrow minded fuck come see me at my tattoo studio so i can look you in the eye when i ask you to leave.

  3. tattoo stue says:

    ps dude storm troopers are not cool they are brainless dickholes who play the part of bitch to an incestuous, lame pleb who wears a stackhat backwards. get in the real world ja-ja star wars is not a way to live your life. now im just givin u shit, but hey dude get a grip.

    pps. eat shit futureboy.

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