Amazing Octopus Skate Pool

November 30, 2009


This work of art is too good. Located at a skate park in Lugano, Switzerland, the waves and octopus feet were painted by the Never Crew. Hit the jump for more details about the crew, images and video of the making of the Octopus Skate Pool.

“The Never Crew was founded in late 1996 by Pablo Togni (29 september 1979) and Christian Rebecchi (20 december 1980 with the intent to deal primarily with graffiti and graphics (but, give the different attitudes and interest of its members, it ranges from the start in other areas such as: painting, sculpture, design, video, illustration, comics, photography,…). In 1999, join [to] the group Mimmo Mendicino (07 september 1982) and Andrea Arosio (30 april 1981).”

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