October Give Away : Orisue Reynolds Jacket

October 1, 2009





Grad School Mommy takes home this sweet Orisue Reynolds Jacket and H2OV T-shirt!!!

21 Responses to October Give Away : Orisue Reynolds Jacket

  1. Hwissey So says:

    I need the new Orisue Reynolds Jacket because I just bought some brown ALIFE Everybody High Americas Cups that match! I need to fit up my alfit, period!
    Fat Kids are like the real life Santa Clause cause they’re both fat and both give away presents to good children like me, EASY.

  2. Nidge says:

    I really really love this jacketand need it badly, cos where i live in the forest it’s alot cooler than most other areas in melbourne, also because of the colour i could use it as camouflage while on urban stealth missions. the end.

  3. Tomas says:

    I need the new Orisue Reynolds Jacket because I am in college and I can’t actually afford good clothes! And Fat Kids are like a hot chocolate after taking a naked plunge in an icy lake….simply AMAZING!

  4. Kwando says:

    I need this jacket more than anybody else because since working at an office I’ve lost all aspects of my coolness.

    I’ve switched jerseys for shirts, uptowns for suits, new era for boots, and work for work.

    This jacket will make me cool again.

    Fat Kids are Chuck Norriss’ and Miranda Kerr’s ninja love child. Hella pretty and bad as hell.

  5. Bahadir says:

    I need this jacket because I ain’t got no job no money. Bro I’m too fat I fuck around and catch an asthma attack that’s why I bust back it don’t fade me when he drop take his glock and I’m swazy celebrate my escape sold the glock bust some weight lay back i got some money to make so fuck give me the jacket.

    Fat kids are the bomb if they give me this jacket.

  6. ryyaaannnn says:

    I need that jacket cos i’m headin to norway for work in two months time.. and im a desert boy from way back.. gonna need to keep warm.. and look fresh..

    that jacket is new school old school.. and thats jus me..

    fat kids are goin places.. u know this.. keep up the good work

  7. CosmicWogNoHomo says:

    I need this jacket because I love it…never knew this brand existed until I came onto this site. Never thought a random promoter would actually lead me to a pretty cool website.

    Fat Kids are doing shit right because this site is FUCKING AWESOME + that random promoter guy was pretty useful thank god for him.

  8. maleik says:

    i need this jacket because i filled out REASON FOR JOINING FITNESS FIRST AS ‘i need to get buff to fit into the awesomeness that is a Reynolds Orisue Jacket that only comes in L for a giveaway!’

    Fatkids are dream-makers!!!

  9. Billy Tea says:

    I NEED this jacket due to that fact that I live on $20 a week for food and bills. I have not been able to buy nice clothes in sometime. I’ve also got more bounce to the ounce and I’m tonnes of fun. Having this jacket would be a perfect match to my style

    Fat kids have got such fat swagger, that when you’re having 2nds, they’re having 23rds. Thin may be in, but Fat is where it’s at!

  10. Trinity says:

    I NEED this jacket cuz in the chilliest hours of the days, I needa keep warm to keep my krump steez tight. I’m also hella-broke in these times, no job = no new cops… makes Trin a sad girl.

    Help Trin find happiness in this cold as fuck weather by donating a Reynolds Orisue Jacket today.

    Fatkids are bomb cuz they know howda make even a hobo dance for free.

  11. Geddles says:

    I need this jacket because yes it is the coldest of days and yes i am on welfare for the past… lets say since i was born years of my life and… yes I am sick of shopping at savers !
    I will find this so beneficial if you donate this jacket to me as I am a huge follower of the fat kids as they set up crazy events and this give away is well into fitting into my price range ! so peace up to ya in the FCC (fat kids crew)!

  12. Mickelz says:

    I need this jacket, a lot like how born again Christians are made…
    This jacket will, give me a 2nd chance on life,
    if you lay the jacket down straight with arms outstretched, the crucifix can be seen, a holy reminder of what Jesus did for you as well as just sexyfing up yo body…
    And finally like Christians, after seeing this jacket up close in person, there will be a wet spot left in ya pants, only difference is, one’s gonna be piss, since after the christian bible bash, you’ll have pissed yourself after finding out how angry god and Jesus are with you, and the others gonna be a sticky goo, after realizing that the jacket’s so sexy, you’ve gone ahead and ejaculated in ya pants.
    Fat Kids are a reminder that if ya dun piss ya pants over pissing god off, you betta cream em over the elite styles and work of Fat Kids!

  13. Dave says:

    I don’t need the jacket coz of money problems.
    Neither I need the jacket for cold days.

    But I need the jacket to show off my swagger in Brisbane City on a hot summers day with my sexy speedos.

    oh yeah, nearly forgot…

    “Fat Kids are…?”

  14. Grad School Mommy says:

    You know who really needs this hot new Orisue Reynolds Jacket? That would be the guy who didn’t freak when we found out that I was pregnant. Who has supported my sorry ass through the last 10 years of grad school. Who is — hands down — the best daddy I’ve ever seen because he’s just as much of a kid as our kids are. And who could have had his pick of lovely ladies… and still went with moi. My guy deserves/needs somethin’ smoking like this jacket… and I promise you that he’d look good in it. And like you guys, he dislikes plain, mundane, and boring.

    Fat Kids are techie Robin Hoods who recognize that fun+smart with a dash of marketing = bank.

  15. Randy Alomar Färber says:

    Dude, I just moved over here to freakin Salzburg (Austra!) and it’s DAMN cold down here. That’s why I desperately need that jacket man! I can’t take it anymore, I piss Icecubes! No shit, small, yellow Icecubes!!! And fat kids are fu**in lucky because of all that cozy fat they got, keeping them warm!

  16. Grad School Mommy says:

    fatkids: i’ve got my love for this jacket (and for my guy) going out over Twitter. he really needs it. while i feel for the rest of you, if it’s a matter of want… i’ve got this one.

  17. 1ovakynd says:

    all these fashion haters on here think they deserve to be walking away with this jacket, but in reality they would hate on it but cause its free they are all about it.
    And im rocking a bit of a gut so as all the other “fat kids are” trying to pull down their shirts and hide their man boobs ill be covered up in this Orisue Reynolds Jacket

  18. Air says:

    I need this jacket because there isn’t anything else cooler than having the only jacket out there even before its out for retail. Once its out, its done its lost all of its coolness, for those short months, Let me rock Melbourne with that Jacket, let me show how its meant to be worn. Let me show how its meant for a inspired fat kid to look like out on them streets, its my time to shine and the only way is to be swagging with that jacket.

    Fat Kids is the shit. Fat Kid’s inspires, influences hip hop to our lives. Everyone’s got a little bit of hip hop in them. But they’ve got it all. Bow down to the Kings. The Fat Kids.

  19. Krische Schmidt says:

    I need that jacket because I just got really high and I’m soooooo stoked on that thing… I need that jacket man… I’m off to white castle now, would be so much better to wear that jacket there…. Need that jacket…. Ok I’m out.

    And fat kids are sicky.

  20. Gabi Haghiri says:

    I need that jacket because I’m sitting next to this really high dude who won’t stop bothering me until he’s got this jacket. So please, help me get him off my back. Cheers to fat kids, good work with the page.

  21. Mich Malloy says:

    I need the jacket to stash my drugs stacks and gat when 5-0 touch down. I need the jacket to offer bitches when they are cold in the taxi to mine. I need the jacket to keep my arms dry when i pop bottles. I need this jacket to be an XL, the Tee to be an XXL, cos tight shit: not cool.

    Fat Kids are the vatos locos of this hemisphere..