Complex Magazine: Hardee’s 10 Best TV Commercials

October 21, 2009


Complex Magazine recently posted up the top 10 Hardee’s commercials… real Fat Kids know… Hit the jump…

#10 COMMERCIAL: Frisco Burger
FEATURING: Dude on a lawn chair and a giant dog

#9 COMMERCIAL: Little Thickburger
FEATURING: Big Thick & Little Thick

#8 COMMERCIAL: Original Roast Beef
FEATURING: Some fat dude

#7 COMMERCIAL: Biscuit Holes
FEATURING: Various shopping mall denizens

#6 COMMERCIAL: “Fist Girl”

#5 COMMERCIAL: Charbroiled Steak Sandwich
FEATURING: Some smokin’ hot super babe in a blue dress and her d-bag boyfriend.

#4 COMMERCIAL: French Dip Thickburger
FEATURING: French maids

#3 COMMERCIAL: Spicy BBQ Burger
FEATURING: Paris Hilton

#2 COMMERCIAL: Teriyaki Burger
FEATURING: Audrina Patridge

#1 COMMERCIAL: Western Bacon Thickburger
FEATURING: Padma Lakshmi

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