Acronym – GT-J14 Technical Jacket

October 2, 2009


I have been looking for detailed information on this jacket ever since it made an appearance in the Maestro Knows video… The GT-J14 Technical Jacket is one of the most impressive pieces of clothing I have ever seen! Features include: 9 total pockets (1 being inside), a removable storm hood, an escape zip sub-system for high-speed jacket removal, and a collar which has a magnetic system used to hold your headphones when you are not using them…

The most impressive feature is the… (after the jump)

Gravity Pocket!

The Gravity pocket can be found on the inside of the forearm… You put items into the ‘Gravity Pocket’ (phone, switchblade ect) and for quick access pull the tab on the inside of the sleeve and whala! The item is in your hot little hand! Amazing!

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