45 RPM Record Adapter Cufflinks

October 28, 2009


Now this is what i’m talkin’ about… bring back the records! If you love your vinyl and pimpin up once in a while, you’d love the 45 RPM Record Adapter Cufflinks. These are little replicas of the inserts used to spin an old 45 record so you could play them on a record player. Classic piece of material right here.

2 Responses to 45 RPM Record Adapter Cufflinks

  1. Cufflinks says:

    Nice pair of cuff links ! Cuff links are really nice accessories for men. It is of-course a unisex accessory but considering men do not have many choices, it is one a fine accessory.

  2. Great cuff link choice. Not the kind that many would ignore, and seems like a wonderful gift to a love one. Since cuff links are unisex I think it can serve an elegant need across the two genders.

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