Patek Philippe “Sky Moon Tourbillon”

September 15, 2009


“The most complicated wristwatch ever produced”

The double-faced “Sky Moon Tourbillon” by Patek Phillippe is going to go on sale OCT 7th at Patrizzi and Co.’s Madison Avenue showroom. Estimated between $1.1 million to $1.3 million, this complicated timepiece is a rare combination of 18-karat yellow gold with a black dial displaying the perpetual calendar and minute repeater with a tourbillon escapement. On top of that, the reverse side of the dial presents a sky chart and sidereal time.

Traditionally in the auction, additional highlights will be included. Two limited-edition sets of Patek Philippe men’s watches featuring cloisonne enamel dials and among the 150 timepieces lined up to hit the auction are a set of four platinum watches with “Barques” dials and a set of four white gold “Birds of Paradise” wristwatches. You can place written, phone or online bids via the company’s website,

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