New Balance 999 Feral Collection

September 1, 2009

Mark this date down in your diary, 09/09/09 because you will not want to miss the release of the NB 999 Feral Collection. NB have definitely come along way in reinventing their core/classic collection fusing it with modern/futuristic styles. With their 999 Feral Collection, world domination awaits.


The Asian inspired collection continues to grow, from the NB 574 “Hungry Dragon” to the NB 576 “China Mask”, this time around NB teams up with Singapore’s Left Foot and Japan’s Mita Sneakers to bring us an animal inspired series. Using the 999 model that was introduced in the 96′, each exclusive release will feature the color “Grey” (the original color of the 999′s original release) and only 660 units will be available world wide.


Singapore-inspired 999 by Leftfoot
Drawing inspiration from the Lion and Peacock, Singapore’s Left Foot creates a color fused set of 999′s launching 01/09/09 in Singapore. The CM999 LNH (Lion head – Tier 0 release) features 3 colors, Red, Purple and Grey. Each representing the lion head national symbol, respect and the jungle. On the other hand the CM999 PCK (Peacock – Tier 1 release) features a multicolored heel, black and grey color scheme.



Japan-inspired 999 by Mita Sneakers
The Grey mouse and Black crow are where Mita sneakers drew their inspirations from bringing us a more subtle and dark release.
The CM999 GYM (Grey Mouse – Tier 0 release), as the name suggests, incorporates several shades of Grey material, from suede, stitched leather, faux fur and horse hair, this tier-0 release will definitely sell out in seconds.


The CM999 BKC (Black Crow – Tier 1 release) is very similar to the GYM incorporating nubuck, leather and faux horse hair into the sneaker…the only difference is the color Black.

All Tier 0 releases comes complete with a special Feral Creation pull-out drawer shoe-box, extra Tatami mat insoles and an extra set of laces.

Click below for more details.

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