10th…Its HERE!

September 29, 2009


VIP invites have been sent out, the cargo has arrived, all figures have been set up in their rightful position, exclusive releases are ready to drop and only 1 thing left to do…. wait.

The 10th Gardener exhibition has been one of the most highly anticipated exhibitions to hit in a long while. Having pioneered and paved the way for vinyl toy designers around the world, Michael is set to mark the spot once again with some new exclusive releases tomorrow at De La Basrracuda, LA.

These include the rare M.L.M.D.“Submilgaytona”watch, (N.F.S) LA Fat figure (gold/purple), Wood grain edition of Slamxhype, The hundreds, De la Barracuda, & LA Fat 6″ figures, BLACK Limited Edition Slamxhype & De la Barracuda 6″ figures, 10 years 10 colors LA FAT 6″ packed with Nike SB Stefan Janoski shoe, Rare paintings by Michael Lau, Limited edition Gardener 10th book and also the most anticipated 12″ Gardener 107 (Sandy), 107.5 (George), 108 (Zex) & 109 (Hope). What else has Michael got in stored for us…we’ll find out very soon!

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