Simply Bread – Series 4 (Recap)

August 25, 2009

Mayhem is the only word fit to describe what went down at Simply Bread Series 4.


Having Sekure D rippin’ it on the sneakers were already visually mind blowing, but to have Drewfunk smash it live on 2 large canvases, B.two (07/08 DMC Champ) slammin’ the dance floor & the custom/collab sneaker battle all fired up…. It was absolutely out of control!


May the mayhem begin….
As soon as doors opened, fans of the culture lined up patiently for their turn to witness all of what Fat Kids had to offer.
Drewfunk was already underway with his masterpiece and so was Sekure D.


We had our favourite DJ 25th hoodlum kick off the night with some sick hiphop to get everyone in the perfect mood.

As the venue started fillin’ fast, DJ Mu-gen pumped it up a notch on the decks and Drewfunk began blowing flames in the air with his aerosol can…it was a feat to watch.


Before midnight, the place just got slammed with people from all walks of life who have come to celebrate the culture they truly love. By then, the custom/collab sneaker battle was well under way with Concepts x Nike SB “Blue Lobster”, Kanye x Nike “Yeezy’s”, Mr Cartoon x Nike AF1 Livestrong and so many more….


As the custom/collab battle started heating up, so did the dance floor. With a room full of people ready to lose the plot… B.two came through with a massive 2 hour set to spark the place on fire.


Thanks to all our sponsors (Afends, Estevan Oriol, Flud, Hemley, Kr3w, Loco lowriders, Madman, Orisue, Robio, Skull candy, Spy, Supra, Sneaker Freaker & T-world) for providing everyone that came down with gifts/give aways.

As the custom/collab sneaker battle reached its climax…it was all down to 2 kicks. A pair of hand made custom Fat Kids kicks VS Mr Cartoon x Nike AF1 Livestrong. After a long and heated discussion between the judges, a decision was made.


The winner of the $1,500 prize pack was the pair of custom hand made fat kids kicks by Nai Zi. Even though her hands were still hurting from the hours of making the shoe, it was all worth it in the end…. Again big thank you to all the sponsors (Afends, Estevan Oriol, Flud, Hemley, Kr3w, Loco lowriders, Madman, Orisue, Robio, Skull candy, Spy, Supra, Sneaker Freaker & T-world) who made Simply Bread Series 4 possible.


….and the party went on till the break of dawn…..


I had a blast! I’m really glad I found Fat Kids…

Ryan Vega:
Yeah man was a GREAT nite. Can’t wait for the next one already!

Kenji Egawa:
Dude! What a show! We really enjoyed ourselves man.

Paul vido:
I would just like to congratulate and thank you for a most entertaining evening. You have restored my faith.



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